Hydroponics the future of Agriculture & food.  Hydroponics is the future of the food with quality and quantity.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydro stand for Water and ponics stand for labor. Hydroponics is new technique of growing plants with water. No Soil, No Fertilizer only with water.

Soil less farming is the future of the agriculture because of the population increasing day by day, as the population increasing day by day the need of the food and due to the increase in the productivity the fertility of the soil is decreasing.

Soil less farming is the new way of growing food and Hydroponics is one of them. First i tell you about how plants get food, as we are talking about the Hydroponics we must understand how plants get there the food.

3 elements are necessary for the plant to get food from the soil

  1. Fire
  2. Air
  3. Water

These 3 elements help to soil to recharge with its nutrients which are required by the plants.

  • First when forest burn, wood turned into ash, Wood ash is rich in Potassium.
  • Rain come lifeless leaves and dead branches fallen down then start decay and help in preparing food for plants., Animal and insect decay it and convert it into organic waste
  • Organics waste is Biologically decomposed into the Basic nutrients that plants need.
  • Rain again dissolve these nutrients soil that plant absorb through there roots.
  • After the plants get there balance diet everything goes well and get health plant

But now the question arise that the process i tell about how the plants get there food is exist now?

Now days the plants didn’t get condition that weather, that soil fertility etc. if the plants didn’t get the perfect diet how the plant give the quality food. that’s why we need the shift to the future farming technique the Hydroponics the future farming.

Hydroponics is the future of the farming and we need to adopt it to get good quality, quality & good nutrient rich food.

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